Delete Your Personal Data And Files Permanently!
Screenshots Of Secure Delete in Action Questions About Permanently Deleting Data With Secure-Delete? Grab Your Copy Today And Delete Files Permanently

Your Hard Disk STILL Contains EVERY File You've Ever Deleted.
HERE'S How You Can PERMANENTLY Delete Those Files FOREVER!

Most people believe once they empty the Recycle Bin, their deleted files are gone for good.


EVERYTHING... from your private documents to your Web site histories, from your personal accounts to your e-mail messages.... ALL can be recovered using a simple $15 tool such as File-Saver.

Just deleting your files is NOT enough.

In fact, MAYBE someone has ALREADY tried recovering files on your machine already.

What could they have found?

YOU NEED PROTECTION. And that's what Secure-Delete is all about.

Secure-Delete is specifically designed to keep you safe, erasing your documents ONCE AND FOR ALL. It uses a specification TWICE AS THOROUGH as the US Government's OWN recommendation for deleting official documents. It overwrites all data a staggering 42 times. Now THAT'S secure! Never worry again, permanently delete YOUR private and personal data, photos, and files.

You can have all this protection, and more, when you download our security tool: Secure-Delete.

Watch your files literally burn into oblivion!

Secure-Delete Provides You With the ULTIMATE Protection.
Here's Why You Absolutely
NEED This Powerful Tool!

If you've ever typed a single word of PRIVATE INFORMATION on a computer...

... Then you NEED Secure-Delete!

It'll ensure you NEVER have a single piece of your private information exposed. It'll stop embarrassment, and guarantee trouble-free use at your computer. Relax knowing you can erase and permanently delete all files for your security.

Lend your computer to friends, let your family use your PC without fear... enjoy freedom... NOBODY will EVER be able to restore any of your deleted files ever again. It PERMANENTLY removes ALL deleted files.

Plus, here are a few other features of Secure-Delete:

    EXTREME security... uses deletion methods 2x AS SECURE as the United States Government!

    Easy-to-use interface... actually watch your private files burning away! View screenshots.

    Built-in Windows integration... right-click and select the delete option, or drag-and-drop!

    Works on ANY PC... full support for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7!

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Get Rid of EXISTING Files Hidden On Your Hard Disk
with "Undelete Eraser" --
FREE with Secure-Delete!

Of course, Secure-Delete only securely deletes files from this moment onward.

BUT... what if you want to remove the hidden data ALREADY on your PC?

How do you ERASE that?

I'm talking about those files you deleted BEFORE Secure-Delete... which can STILL be recovered!

Well... GOOD NEWS.

When you purchase Secure-Delete by midnight, Monday, June 3rd 2019, you get an absolutely FREE copy of our bonus tool, "Undelete Eraser" (view screenshots).

This easy-to-use utility clears ALL the undelete information from your PC with just a couple of clicks. Not only that... it overwrites your data up to 100 TIMES, more than ANY OTHER TOOL ON THE MARKET.

With Undelete Eraser, NO-ONE will EVER be able to recover your deleted files ever again.


Undelete Eraser has a recommended retail price of $199. But BEST OF ALL... it's bundled 100% FREE OF CHARGE when you purchase Secure-Delete today.

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Want to get your hands on the ULTIMATE in data protection?

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Plus, purchase before midnight, Monday, June 3rd 2019, and you'll receive the following:

    Secure-Delete... Instantly delete your files, so they can NEVER be recovered. RRP: $39.95

    Undelete Eraser... Full version, removes all "undelete" data from your hard disk. RRP: $199

    Complete Support Package... Dedicated support site, guaranteed response, online chat.

The total RRP for this package is almost $240. But HERE goes the best part!

ALL OF THIS... the software... your piece of mind... our support package... will cost just

... $16.95!

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Price converted to UK currency. Approximately �10.95 or 12.95 Euros.

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The CD-ROM version costs an extra $15 -- and comes with FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!
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REMEMBER: You'll never feel FULLY PROTECTED... until you download Secure-Delete.
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Need convincing? View our screenshots, or, click here to read our frequently asked questions.